the Seven Deadly Sins and Other Short Stories

by the Ubiquitous Love Tribe

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A sight for you,
and one for me,
still water under bridge-crumbles and the silence sometimes after love is made.
Also, the wind through sunlit clouds and the legs of voyeurs dangling over the spectacle of understanding's arrival...

...mid-fi hip-hop, new sincerity, third eye tantric, grimy 90's as digested and regurgitated by a suburban white kid... A series of interpretations of the world around us and of the beats we have found, made, and received from loved ones, nestled into the folds of said beats. please listen thoroughly; we think you will find each individual verse to be a unique and sincere manifestation of its writer's thoughts and emotions and, potentially, a reflection of y(our) own. this project is a genuine attempt to liberate who and whatever is ripe for liberation and provide incomparable experience through vibration and verse. togetherness. peace and love. blessings. rvsk. omnipresence.. ubiquitous... and still when we laugh our eyes meet.


released February 14, 2014

Much love and many thanks to all of our producers: B.S. Lewis with the dopest attributes, French Nate with his baby face, our boy Italian Shane, Wise Oli, Milan, the Lightning Rod Salesman with his crazy ass, Dapper Classics, Googleplex, D. Nast, and Noyce and Prof. Logik, from the latter two of whom we did not receive any explicit permission for instrumental usage. also, to Grant Monot for being the man.
Much love and many thanks to the people who lent us their space and time to allow us to create and record: James and Laura, Matt, Andres, Armand, Nate, Osi and Duncs i guess.
Much love and many thanks to all of those who give us and themselves love: Stonewall for listening to so many rough drafts of this shit and to the whole Steen family for keeping the kid Mud warm and (more or less) well-rested during the process; to Rake and Snake and Comfy and Toby and Cream and Semper and Meshell and Big Jew and Sole and Nagler for the history; to the beautiful Chells1 for being herself and Rachel Holly Rottman Photography for the album cover. to all our families, blood and otherwise. <3

Big ups to everybody who contributed to the album

Mixed and mastered by Mud, with exemptions in the case of Stunt (Wrath) [Velvetian Sky], KingSorrow (Avi's Cut) [Avila Santo], P.T.S.D. [Velvetian Sky], and Ghosts in the Wall [Osiris Booque]




nahhphet Santa Monica, California

nahhphet of the Ubiquitous Love Tribe, a collective of artists of various mediums striving through creative expression to spread and indulge an appreciation of unique subjective perspective for its own sake, as well as to give and proliferate love, compassion, sincerity, warmth and light-heartedness. ... more

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Track Name: Chocolate Nines feat. Budz and Duncsofelay (Prod. F뚱뚱보)

pause for frozen images
token symbolist
local sinner's tryst
hopeful dinner spit ended in a broken glass
flows is mostly invalid, vented out the open flask
oh but back in it
roasted ash, pack spinach
extra jacket on the coat rack, last witness
disappeared in the mist mysterious circumstance
clearin hits before I'm heard of last on foreign sands
and borderlands, more than man

but reconfigure the facts of it all
actual raw
reaper figure when I'm wrapped in the shawl
please believe it when I'm dropping hints
of lands that's draped in shadow, raven sallow cheeked
and grief is seeped in the smile of the beast...
weeks later drew comparisons to Goya, elephants and pentagrams
blaring this in foyers in the skeleton of western lands
bless the man and the woman alike,
lessons offered from the hand of the ruminant tyke
for whom would light a fire like pyres under christ's feet?
ironically i play the hype beast nightly...

...heard her speak bad of me, nothing short of greek tragedy,
the flaw is that he reeks of bags of tree and that he
spit that liquid flavor, kick it frozen in the winter wind
imitators sticking splinters in my skin,
but they aint - deep enough to bleed me

nah they aint deep enough to bleed nah
nah they aint deep enough to bleed me

chiefly, for reasons of the soul intentions
sun against the sea green with the glowing essence
puffin on the weed leaf for these golden lessons
it's either love or steel so which is it your holding brethren

Chocolate nines...


[Or chocolate nueves]

Through cities I pedal past folks medellin’

Up to mountain tops I'm headed

Im blowin' in

The waves crashin'

As they looking askin'

"Why Patanjali Bee keep on laughin’?"
"Why Patanjali Bee like steeped tea in the Aspens?"
Life flowing through you as you're graspin'
Tap in
To the funkadelic essence
Those fundamental blessins
Known through lesson
Western indoctrination keep em stressin', guessin', questionin'

The power of togetherness
Of love, compassion, tenderness
For what?

Individual financial success?
We be

See Us

Planting seeds of freedom
To free them
I know it when I say I see ya
Here or there
Now or later
Relieve your mind from worry
Opens hearts, rejoice with prayer(x2)

I say vote Omnipresence in for mayor
Track Name: Love In L.A. feat. Mantra Majesty and Prince Vimana (Prod. Noyce)
Love In LA (revised):


Me Oh My
Ubiquitous is here to play
Me no try
Let’s commence this life with praise
I go bye
Cause this is love in LA
Me oh my
And Ubiquitous is here to play

Mantra Majesty:

See we be laughin'
Seaweed splashin’
People be askin’ “Why?”
I say “Hi!" when they pass by
The gaze of my eye
I say because “I love you” (“and you, and you”)
As a matter of fact I am you
Who knew?
Wonder if Newton knew that
No thing is different from that
You and I remain intact
Omnipresent artifacts
Let syntax flow from heart to hand
Ink like nectar flowing from this flower pen
Plant poppy flowers
Then proceed to pluck the peddles
She loves me, she loves me not
She loves me, she loves me not
She she


Me Oh my
Ubiquitous is here to play
Me no try
Let’s commence this life with praise
I go bye
Cause this is love in LA
Me oh my
And Ubiquitous is here to play

Prince Vimana:
Eyes red
Posted in my bed
I said
Words to her
Yes the herbs in my head
I dread
Like the locks on my head
The love I spread
Lost forever in the cold world
Can’t find it again
I said
Me no play pretend
Imagination’s my reality
And I’ve got to know you love me undoubtedly
I aint with all of the fallacies
I'll put a flower in your gun
Please don’t try to battle me
Then I’ll take it back and pluck the peddles as well
It’s just the doubt in me
She loves me
She loves me not
I’m cowardly (courage)
But I’m still pleased
Singing love tunes to the breeze
Whispered these same words to her briefly
While were chiefing
Oh wow
A kiss from you
I’m a new being
Prince Vimana steps into a new dimension
Please don’t ever put our love on detention
A time out
What is time bout
Be with me
Bring the light out
She loves me, she loves me not
She loves me, she loves me not
She she

Mantra Majesty:

See it’s the U n I verse
You and me
Me and you
You and me is I
Yes we be
Blessed infinitely
Drift subtly into harmony
Aren’t we seeing U and I is Ubiquit”I”
While some be quitting I lie in a bed of flowers
Pheromone showers
Come on we are the power
Flower power
Flower fl flower power
Flower power
Flower fl flower power
I woke up
About five years ago
I was in awe by the synchronic flow of love that I was
That you are
That we are
The birds the bees the trees are
Hop on a bike
Get out your car
Couldn’t be to far
Where you going?

Track Name: KingSorrow (Avi's Cut) feat. Avila Santo (prod. the Lightning Rod Salesman)
Raise it Up

When looking up you see what it is all for

What does it mean when it is felt so much

Couldn't contain the feeling so I gave it back

No telling what I know is whack or whats on track
Track Name: and Walked Further Than the Moon, Ain't We? feat. Mud, Chilly Ride, French Nate, Duncsofelay, i, and Woodgrain Sentinel (Prod. the Lightning Rod Salesman)

ayy it's a phantom in the moonlight
dancing, tandem, lamp lit shadows
lampin when you see him campin seeping in the shallows
dampen fire of the peeps who's peeping holes is narrow
live the moment like you gonna see the gallows
maybe feel the sweetness of the arrow,
play these feats between the meat and marrow
okay okay okay I am the player,
you'll later see the need to say your prayers but impair for moments present most ascension

(Chilly Ride)

and every time i look up to see a bird i see a plane
its kind of interesting
the look the same they both got wi(A)ngs
hello mr humingbird
i saved ya breatherin one time
keep a look out for them
soft hands
i keep a look out
so that
they can
carress when
the time has come
to a fork in the road
dome would be nice
with plaster
and young plaxico burris
red cheeks cuz she emburressed
you best a reimburse me before i need to nurse yes
hurse thee
its raining
she’s cuming
I’m moaning
she’s lovely

(French Nate)

La larme du samurai
Coupant en 2 le vent
A moitié recouvert d'ecailles
Refletant le soleil levant

(The teardrop of the samurai,
cuts the wind in two.
Half-covered in scales,
reflecting the sun.)

La caisse c'est l'age de pierre
je voyage dans le temps
En avant en arriere
A coup de tické zner
Je suis plutot brillant

(The car is from the stone age.
I travel in time;
Forward and backward.
A hit of tické zner.
I am quite brilliant.)

Je vois a travers les gens
l'univers et Le temps.
La lave dans les cimetieres
Remplie de sous clignant

(I see through people,
the universe, and time.
Lava in the cemeteries.
Full of voodoo spirits.)

Papa legba
J'ai fait un pacte avec toi
Je te dois une ame pure
Immortalité tu me dois
Je n'ai pas d'armure
Contre l'amour que tu me renvois

(Papa Legba:
I made a pact with you,
I owe you a pure soul.
Immortality, you owe me.
I have no armor
against the love you send me)


Now who they be?
Those folks shoutin' "whodayhee"
"What it be?"
Now who they be?
Mobbing with no shoes on feet
Now who they be?
Chilling on the knolls with birds and bees
Spreading love to all they see
It's those those blessings penetrating all of we
It's that feeling la la la la la la ouïe
Cause together we're more potent
Opening hearts
Is the feeling we're evoking
So fertile
Free range
We're yoking
Majestic plants like thyme
Free souls
Yes we're toking


And it makes me wanna
John sings (ooooooh aaaah oooh)
Now who is this?

(Woodgrain Sentinel)

reality a centerfold and empty gaze upon your television static
place ya hand upon the oaken table, fables pentagrammic
groaning like the broken gable but I'm meant for magic
cracking like the hearts of glaciers in the heat of winter what the fuck is that
fuck the cops from the buckets what we clap
wrap the blunt in hash then placed the pack upon the dash and caught it the air while reefin when it fell back down
silly tale but still i tell the sound around the globe and watch it catch the pace of other dramatized vignettes
get under cover from the fires we set


Chiefing reefing
Respect your temple
Let your works reflect
Realize your king
Learned that from thy breddren Moolekee
But really
What happened to the chiefs?
The tribes
That roamed around this country 'tis of thee
Same shit that's happening to our coral reefs
Immoral fleets of unconscious beings
Wadada ding
Here again come the light beings
Coming with the lightening
To manifest social justice
So I conclude
Fuck Christopher Columbus

(Woodgrain Sentinel)

Fuck Christopher Columbus...
and play ya face cards, ill stay with the joker
layin in sofas under sepia light
famed interloper you aint seen him in scenes
unless they chiefing steady like this was a fifties flick
really lit, villainous, inquisitive with spit from tip of tongue of silly kid
ight now listen quick
i play the perp you could play the witnesses
see it in my eyes its aint a scrimmage kid
read it tween the lines of the litmus print,
time for the bitching shit to finish so quit it
emitted riddle from throat of gravel, quote the tone of the holy gavel,
nothing grown at least the seeds is sown if land is fallow, kick it hallowed hold me back doe!
cold like krakow and gotchyou fiending leaning in for more when sentence mumbled,
sent from jungle, mention rubbles of the towers crumble plus the rumble from ground atop of which he stumble


(Ride out)
Track Name: Carphologia/Eddie Murphy/Thyme feat. Wind the Child, Ernest Holmes, and Patanjali Bee (Prod. Prof. Logik)
(Wind the Child)

crisp with procedure
sick when i feed ya these other thoughts
ladies under street light see ya fe's when ya stumble lost
when was the last love i come across?
when was the love last love, love?
and time for love, hugs, kisses, bugs, birds, bees, flitted wings round the quaking knees
baking tree up in the autumn's dusky light,
or indo windows closed by now it must be night
the trust was tight and so despite the flight from me it's for the sake of these i make believe
impatient who? me anyways treat runaways like how you gon escape the love
perhaps its fuck whatever else is placed above
ya faceless mobs faux tasteless slob po, disgrace the god oh no blasphemy
pass the splee please
manners important standard imported plan to be potent mannerisms the dopest man of wisdom we hoping now


Oh no this that shit now?
Oh yo this that shit, wooow

Running through the night,
we the cats that's coming with the light

Oh no this that shit now?
Oh yo this that shit, wow

Shining in the sun,
yea we the cats with mind to get you one
trying to get you one

(Ernest Holmes)

Oh no this that shit now like daddy day care
You besta shut down the bathroom it's not safe there
Are satyrical satyrs the most sadistic of haters
That want to play with us but can't
Seem to find the way so they label us to keep track
Like heroin addicts
I got a few homies
And we still blow treee
But when I think a bout um I get Lonely in the heart and mind
Cuz I know that they addicted and can't kick it
The habit they gotta have it
They grabbin
They scratching they feinding
They need a reason
To look up at the ceiling
And pray to god to believe em why'll they kneeling
And here's my basic anti rap line
There is no god there's only demons
Replete amounts of semen
Things are ripping at the seems and it seems that
Many events are seemingly incoherent and inebriated brothas
Start examplifying they appreciation levels and how much they share
But all I'm tryna share is miss
Bitches with bad attitudes like share get des missed
It's not swing and a miss
Home run or a blunt
I'm home rubbing a jawn
With my brethren and we got roots that's Bedouin, bet on it


Oh no this that shit now?
Oh yo this that shit, wooow

(Patanjali Bee)

Keep a peaceful mind
So as to simplify
And improvise
In moments of
Like this one
Mr. law enforcement man and woman
Don't you understand?
Your like spam, fake ham
Don't even deserve to be called a pig
Just because you got a gun you think you're big?
Harassing me for smoking herb on Venice beach
While condoning those who ripping cigs (Sheeeeeet)
Go Fiiiig ure
It was a couple of pig niggers
House type
Tryna spread oppression and put out the light
Yeah right
Peaceful I fight
With love and Jah insight
Roll up another one and proceed to bless this night

Happy New Years

And so the sands if time just keep on pouring
While the leaves of plants of thyme are under rain clouds they're adorning
Once again I hear the mourning dove love, but now they're warning
But I journey
No worries
Metabolic transform asian flurries
My vision becomes blurry
What's blurry?
For what I see is clear to me
Intangibly Patanjali Bee
Mantra Majesty
Pursues recurring rhyming schemes such as tree, bee, omnipresence, ubiquity (So as) To proceed to bleed through
The bandage of a wounded soul
Twiddle dee I fiddle with
Under citrus trees I grew
Track Name: the Ramblings of a Pedant and a Sociopath (Pride) feat. Forgotten God the Wayfarer (Prod. Wise Oli)
(forgotten god the wayfarer)

ya flow's insipid
i riddle wicked
sphynx the lilted image at the brink of wilted limits:
old gods...
where the hearts apparent
hardly parent these slackin knots,
but son you if you actin off, through my hackin cough.
baryshnikov precision with triangular equation,
faded laying in the station under whistle blows,
and watch the smoke envelope frosty moon in season mistletoe
traded kisses with this stilted hoe,
but always loved emotions immature in her,
so courier of this spurious flurry of thoughts:
curious curry hot, luxurious bottles tops,
and bottom brought a bacchanal
Track Name: Gluttony (Triangles) feat. Afro Copacetic, DJ Anthony Smoov, and Patanjali Bee (prod. B.S. Lewis)
(Afro Copacetic)

so won’t you mellow me mellow me out some
and we can try to find the way
through the water maiden so amazing
hair a blazing red tips
doggy style red dick
lip stick
to change the pace a little bit
on mah
spliff you left it
evidence a trace that
i am
a raisin in the sun
or crisp grapes in the moonlight
i feel your blessings when you touch me
all you speak is that kazuntite
that poon nice
i heard you got that jungle fever
yes i am that coon type
i chuck my spear until you
and then we monkey around on the porche
you can not
even afford
to take me out to dinner once more
than anything i would like to
stay in with you
star bright twinkle
yes i am into you
can i enter you
your center true
el dorado
no I try it not to panic
just a fiery praying mantis
all her friends know i am a fan of triangles
they be like (oh oh oh) when i hug to say good bye
maybe they tryna be cool wit it
cuz they wanna do what i want to
but none of us want to hurt you
i think you both acute
and soon enough yes both will do
you’ll hear this soon enough its

(DJ Anthony Smoov)

geometries with bodies made when limbs is intertwined beneath the inky sky
said girl "I wanna run my tongue along your inner thigh"
she said it's dinner time I said "exactly"
there's something bout the ones that's sipping wine that's seeming classy
and something bout the ones thats sipping on the henny got me thinking bout they ass cheeks
actually. tagging she in the taxi
last week or little less, never the less, the lass's flashing eyes implied a fire sign
kind to pine, i posed the trine on last impression of mine,
passing the sess for a time
after the laughs and asking question to dime, it seemed the oral magic worked
grasping hem of her floral patterned skirt
invitation she planned to send, but ran the gamut first
count it work to search for words deserved for after the sexing
ash in the bedding and spreading hash on the grass with my forefinger
vibes from inside where eyes from doors lingers
reminded of tight from nights before bring her
sorta reluctant from the jump but sumchin stumped by something proper players lay
post discussion toast to bluffin ruff with compass but isosceles when angles made
tangles stayed until the morning warning doves relayed the message of some fuck shit
nut quick, puffin grabbed a pizza out the oven jumping in the bucket gassin
aspirin for the head, /ricolla for the wheezing cough, treat these thots like a marquis de sade
ya feelings caught then please be lost


If you don't want to get with them triangles, I know some others that'll probably try some wild angles
If you don't want to get with them threes, I'm sorry love but you gotta peace

(Now you feel it
Now you’re, now you're feeling
Now you get it? (x3))

(Patanjali Bee)

Aaaaah I sigh
I and I
Eyes wide
Third eye
Third side
Or tertiary
In and out the holes
Dogging it in the prairie
Pythagorean Theory
That's right
In the house, Korean
Pentagon if you'd like
Like plane I strike
Cherries ripe
Take a bite
Dripping juice all over your type write errrrrrrr
So now we cyclic in this
Mantra Majesty
Ubiquitous just fiddle yes
On adorning clitoris
Sit on this
You, me, Osi, Budz, and Prince V intertweened on cot
Line taut
Tight twat
Fine line
Tight rope
Right troat
Balls soaked
Juevos rancheros
Woke up in the morning made a danish(Mmmmmmm)
Woke up in the morning with your main bitch
To the bigot mind this be some plane shit
To the plants of thyme your tears are rain
Woodgrain sent I nol
Falaying sluts upon the knoll
Concocting explanations that proceed to liberate I soul
Though only if one chooses to listen and question
The abstract message that Ubiquitous be expressin'

Track Name: Reggie feat. Woodgrain Sentinel and Afro Copacetic (Prod. B.S. Lewis)
(Woodgrain Sentinel)

the smoke is rolling like the spokes upon my bike
[and open like the soul would flow on stolen nights
ya never get em back ]
i pose the question: why you sweating that?
don't look for answers neither get em back
"forget em black!"
[nah cracker I'm counting the packs of love that sit atop my dresser drawer
session sacks for free on days when i be serving more
poor entrepreneur, but know] whores probably would do ya if you aint smooth with maneuvers and true to shoot it from the hip now
moving like the pimp how he strut like butter in his grip ow
shadow play upon ya ladies lips
she said i chose this color for you
i said i see no color but blue
utter the new sense
a nuisance to listeners that's too bent and who went the way of these fallacies
how callous of me, I'm not the one to call it y'all nah
i'm not the one to call it y'all

but spiffy when i spit the sleek grammatics
I'm ellington when in a sentimental mood, and miles too so when I spit a note of blue to whom it may concern
the bass's flavor make ya yearn and turning like the rings of saturn, urban like the sheen metallic at the tower top
we juxtapose to flowers, moss on trees, and autumn breeze above the sunny meadow
yellow petals round the blankets where our fellows settle, mellow levelssyou can vibe as you please
and spit the lessons you've a mind to believe, rhyming with ease

(Afro Copacetic)

Them boys on the block ain't playing tho
Light switch on and off
She loves me she loves me not
Surfin with a purpose telepathic with the Sermens
Holographic to the verman
Cuz they ain't even sure if I'm there is a place where I dream to be
The other side
Of course there is greenery
Draping canopeese
Pretty misses Cantonese on hands and knees in cans said you wanna play with half the beast she said i can my neice lives in neese and I saw another just pretty and witty so I said we should have a three some but she can't cuz it's her niece
French pearls cum in threese
Not a run more a walk
Stands tall to speak but they buckle and she can't her knees
She wants to move in but she can't her lease
Clinging to her x because she can't release although she views him as an enemy she lives in aninimity and her only line of defense is to suck it just like anemones dear friend to me please cut the animosity before there's some colossal beef
Track Name: Restaurant's Great Bitch feat. Lord Krishna the Don and Mulatto Privelege (Prod. Velvetian Sky)
(Lord Krishna the Don)

buddha then Im blooming from it, humming who's this inventor
mister who meant to be denting fronting facades
benjamins nothing to chumps be stunting like stars
cut to the odd anomaly
drop jaws awed on the street
knock broads off of they feet
at top of the peak, hard to reach
through the waft of cough I chief.
and liniment for nonsense leaks
up off your skin in need for tossing like the autumn leaves
the problem be, he vicious with switches of his style or etiquette
dionysian in piles of sweaty chicks, miles ahead of this
with smiles for negligence, competitors discredited, beef to bed with it

(Mulatto Privilege)

Breakfast food
Red sweats
Micky sweatshirt
Quintin taught me the idea of being even on both sides
Maybe the reason people look angry is because they know have to go internal I figure anything out but they are trying to seeeee it instead of feel it. So there eyebrows faced own trying to look inside
Track Name: Sloth feat. Budz (Prod. Comfy)

over the rooftops, the sun is shining through the mist
we sparked a spliff of chronic
eyes redder than skin of devil, stoned like skin of onyx
phonics since the rudiment, this incongruent kid, just throw him in a looney bin
seen the door is open but no shoe in it, i see the love but rarely see you using it,
never losing it cuz long ago we let it ride
stay high or either heaven side, feet callouses like skin of leather hide
dined fine on lemon pie; she sweet but made a sour face,
the power flower laced with spirit, taste it when you hear it,
booming when the bass come in,
below the waste was chaste and face running between itself and reflections health and the sexin,
wealth and perfection, just melt in the west wind
where smog is suffocation,
but the coloration of the setting sun is glorious, abhorring it but gotta love it anyway
apparent contradiction, on the list and missing, let another in
yet none other than,
your choice in the matter affects your perception
i choose to rest over flexing, action instead of testing, ass over chest
and blessings for my brethren just say yes and breathe please
Track Name: Clouds feat. Mantra Majesty (Prod. DapperClassics)
(Mantra Majesty)

And I wonder
How far will we go
Before we
All see that?
What I just said
It is you and I we here together
Calculating climate
Predicting the weather
Or not
Doing much average higher better than
When you said that then
Did that begin when the hen came?
That's fact?
Helicopters flying over head
Helicopters flying over head

What are they looking for down on this cement floor?
Covered by metal and boards
From trees abroad aboard
Hop aboard on to the
Sea and sail from the sss
The soar the sh the shore
The soar shell from the shore
The soar the sword the source ruh ruh
Sorcerer ruh ruh
Ruh ruh ruh ruh ruh
Ride it out
How would it make you feel to ride it out?
As Moolekee say
MC Ganesha be removing obsticle-lays
So you the goal-lay
What you keeping?
From I?
From we?
I'm tryna kick it in your soccer net
You feelsh me?
You feelsh me?
You feel me
I get down on my knees only when I need to get in between
In between you and me
There's nothing
Can't you see that U R ME
Between you and me
There's something
Can't you see you and I is Ubiquity

What can we be?
Asks Mantra Majesty
What can we be?
Asks mantra majesty(x3)
Mantra majesty asks
What can we be?
Where are we going so fast?
Where are we going so fast?
Or not so fast
Hold up
There's traffic
I'm on my bike though
Moving through lanes like seagulls in the night yo
That's free flight
Though still in the haze of city light bulbs
Lighting up places that no one is looking at
It is in those very places we can be growing edible plants
Forest packed
More than enough so that people can stop filling up their hoarding sacks
So as to relax

Gotta really feel something if you want it to manifest something
Create something from nothing
Bumpin' and bumping
What's nothing?
Create something from no thing
No thing is something
Something must be no
Maybe not
But what
Forgot the thought

Track Name: Serpent's Gift feat. Mud, Osiris Seti Scott Booque, Patanjali Bee, Zane Ramskeys (Prod. the Lightning Rod Salesman)

who's this typesetter? in right weather i write better, hype never sever the sight, tethered to my type, clever i might kite the heights in the bright night, erratic like the snipes flight

and seen the flickering lights from corner lamps before the crack of dawn
chilly down your spine, the scent of sess up in your no who am i kidding now
pictures visioned by eye betwixt the brow distorted when its written down
assorted with these writtens now, torpid with the visions how they be the breeze that sweeps the poppy seeds
how they be the leaves that sheet the autumn streets
who you lobsters cropping b? i flow an infinite photograph
and spit a paint in which no phonies last for long under a steady gaze
this song for better days, belongs with those who know to read what setting say
a heady way to go about it,
oh and flow is spouting free, let's count it lucky
words aint water like ya fucking sprinklers running when it's raining cats and dogging daughters neither
clothed in reaper colors like your truths but really it aint black and white
have to cite the flight of monarch round the arch of lantern light
pound so twist it all at once
loud ya smell it from the street
out i walk with spliff in a hand,
cops was doing dirt as usual
i peeped the moon was full and smiled
child in me is easy with the going oh and so irreverent with the soul he blow balloons of this pure as the driven snow
and tongue the brush for murals planted by my vivid flow is grown from ribs and oh so biblical
but you won't see him till you know we all descend from night, growing tall and splendid like the trees where serpents pick their gifts
on holidays, and other occasions
just for the sake of imagination

(Osiris Seti Scott Booque)

indian giver...
the umpteenth of infinity
niecon top
with the cherry
soda pop
goes the weasel
is a taxonamic rank
and I’m still smoking that dank
i love what fuck you thank what
with the rhetoric you had best erect a statue of the kid with erect tip
at the jump off
the ref.
old blind zebra ass sucka
i pity the fool
but even more i pity the mule
for the human work a nigga
jerk a nigga
police cock back
they scared batts
the hurt a nigga
and a cracka
and a gook
and a dike
and a kike
and beaner
my demeanor
mind ya own
working on a sense a self
to have a self appointed thrown
gotta that simba complex these samba concepts
might conflict with whats yes
we want you
uncle tom
and i wanna speak to uncle

(Patanjali Bee)

Now here’s some lime and pepper (sweet and spicy)
Like birds of feathers we can be
Lets flock together
Thyme growers
Avid watchers of the sun setter
Rider out of love
Met her for a moment we were tethered
Though lines became weathered
But with love you see, its never severed
If the love is true (I KNOW)
Just let it flow
Let it grow
Let it go?
Yes, no, yes, no
Now’s no time to doubt
In this time of drought
Heave and hoe
Create your reality
Transparent to brutality
Apparent is my sanity
Love to parrots, serpents, bees, and manatees
And Budz Rich’s ill pajama steeze
Avocado, pear, and banana trees
If truth be told than I’m listening
Aura be glistening
Somethings interesting
Oh what can it be?
Intricately part of me
Harmonized melaladys
In Tuolumne we wondering
Pondering the essence
That bonds you and I
Harvesting the blessings
Omnipresence into all of me(we)
There's no coincidence
Just synchronic beings

(The best fighter never has to fight at all)

(Zane Ramsay with the beautiful ride out)



much love and many blessings