reality and other falsehoods

by (nahhphet as) budz

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an at-times ironic meditation upon the nature of reality in music and love / an ode to, and a product of my yearning for, the hip-hop with which i fed my mind as a younger child than i am now


released November 11, 2014

Produced by: The Lightning Rod Salesman (except where otherwise noted)

Mixed by: DeUno

Artwork by: Richard Chin

Many thanks and much love to everybody who contributed musically and otherwise to the album: Duncs, Osi, Avila, Manu, Serk, Chasity, Avery, Leiah, Nate, and D. To Richard for the extra ill artwork. To Chells. To Rake, Stone, Comfy, Toby, Cream, DK, Semper, Dubes, Harry and big Mike. To Taylor. To the gods ...

And to all the ill emcees/producers/people who we've been rocking alongside at shows since last November: Cam, Ox, Knyce, Dari, Warm Brew, Chasity, Chelsea, Sudan, Fatima, VerbS, Hugh Augustine The MC, K. Solar, uhlife, Melziah Dia, Aspect, Three, NiceGuyxVinny, Repeated Measures, Negro Galacticus, Masta Lee, Artt Lifted, Villain Park, Linafornia, Joy Postell, Elliot Next, Kay Franklin, and Rxdio, to name just a few. Y'all are an inspiration and a comfort when i think about the state of music at the present. Peace <3




nahhphet Santa Monica, California

nahhphet of the Ubiquitous Love Tribe, a collective of artists of various mediums striving through creative expression to spread and indulge an appreciation of unique subjective perspective for its own sake, as well as to give and proliferate love, compassion, sincerity, warmth and light-heartedness. ... more

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Track Name: money/abstract juxtaposition
...It aint all about the money...


It aint all about the money y'all
the quest for lucci got you acting funny all day
I smell decay and hear the crooning of you vultures,
we do this for the music and the culture...


I juxtapose my flows to wack shit,
You'd fit the mold of rows to get the golden rose,
the fuck is that shit? Yo
I thought you learned your lesson from Perverted Monks
but still you're acting like a hoe and searching for the funds, yuck..

I said we do this for we, and not the paper, bruh;
Supposed to be feeding the Mother Earth instead of raping her,
and penning paper for the flavor,
instead of fiending for the paper while we labor;
You'd dull the teeth of gators to acquire ranges painted Now
and Later, the sayer of the wisdom turned creator of an image
while your lust for links that glisten steady tainted all your sentence..uhh

Forgot to mention bruh,
you're fronting bars and probably far from hard 'cuz all of y'all is part Fig Newton...

So loosen up,
you and your team of shooters moving cook...
Get with the truth and uhh,
bump that real shit... bump that smooth shit... and it sounds a little something like:

(Abstract juxtaposition:)

It's cinematic when I utter butter.
A sin of habit:
pen is colored with a blend of that which ends where it begins,
so Ouroboros-like I'm soaring through the orbit, flight,
explore the light that's infinite - cyclic - when I'm ripping it.
Spitting with the simpleness,
but riddle sits unwieldy on the space of thought
for minds that race a lot
for sake of nature, or the face of those in paces caught.
Mistake is oft erased if you just sift the space around it for allowance;
more abounds in core of sounds, in forests pouncing like the panther -
Shouts to Bagheera; my brother Mogli; to Malcolm; shouts to Kira;
Shouts to those that hold me down in present tense.
Effervescent scent of blessings went with him wherever skin of calloused feet would took him:
Book in hand, looking grand, until I stand in Central Booking, bummy man.
A cunning plan, but couldn't stand the hand of meddling kids,
I skeleton you fakers peddling fibs,
my verse's made to hit like metal to ribs...
Before I come with horsemen, better settle your sins,
I'm kettle of tin; don't watch me or I'll never boil kin...

¿ How you gonna be royal when...

(Chorus) ?